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We offer many services aimed to make it easier on you in planning your event. You can choose from one or all of our services listed below. If you have any additional services required please enquire as we are always happy to accomodate to your event needs.

Custom Designed

We work with your guest size, budget and function style to design customized drink lists  and options for you to choose from.  


We send you a comprehensive list of catering options. You can choose from classic beer and wine options to creatively designed cocktails tailored specifically to your event.


We offer a variety of beverage bar packages and at home cocktail sessions where you and your guests can learn all of the techniques and ingredients to craft your own at home cocktails. 


Can't make up your mind? That's fine! We can organize drink tastings with you.


We take on all events from small backyard parties  to elegant cocktail affairs. 

Delivery & Set Up

You don't have to move a muscle. Once you've decided on a drinks menu we take that  list and do all of the shopping and preparation for you!


We then deliver and set up all of your beverage needs to your front door on either the day of the event or whichever time you prefer - so there is no hassle or running around last minute. 


Need more than just the drinks?

We can come equipped with glassware of your choosing, a portable bar and design a set-up to your liking. We will also help with any other set-up  and clean up you may need. We are here to lend a helping hand!

Bar Service


We have many charming and experienced bartenders ready to serve and cater to you and your events every need. All of our bartenders are trained in mixology and have many years of experience working behind bars and catering events. 


Our team is charismatic and fantastic at mixing up quality drinks while creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests.


Bar Buddies wants you to have the best event possible. 

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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